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Building Excellence, Inspiring Confidence

Join Saudi Telecom & Power Co., your trusted partner for engineering and construction excellence.

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case studiesYour Premier Construction Partner.

Saudi Telecom & Power Co. was founded in May 2005. It is today one of the leading contractors and preferred partners of Saudi Aramco, NEOM, Red Sea Global, and other Government and private Institutions in the Kingdom. Saudi Telecom & Power Co. has the experience, resources & and technical personnel that will provide quality services to their Clients.

Company At A Glance

Saudi Telecom & Power (STP) is headquartered in Al-Khobar, with its main focus on handling transactions related to the group's objectives. The workforce is organized into various functional divisions to ensure harmonious working conditions.

Operation Division

Engineering Division

Procurement Division

Qualification Division

Estimation Division

QA/QC Division

Safety Division

Technology Division

Crafting the Future, Building Excellenc

Join the 10+ companies trusting Saudi Telecom & Power (STP)

Inspiration, innovation, and opportunities.

Inspiration, innovation, and opportunities encapsulate the identity of Saudi Telecom & Power Co.

Engineering the Future: Saudi Telecom & Power Co.'s Commitment to Excellence

Building Beyond Boundaries: Elevating Construction Services for Community Prosperity.

A highly skilled and qualified team forms the backbone of Saudi Telecom & Power Co., ensuring the delivery of top-notch construction services.

company’s vision

Investing in the future of projects and construction.

Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store, transmit, analyze, and manipulate big data in the digital world.

Commitment to International Standards

Priority on Safety and Quality

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